Thursday, October 13, 2005

Japan authorities go “itunes”- Prize for best performance by tax authorities (IV)

According to ABC news, a Japanese government committee is mulling a copyright law revision to charge royalties on digital music players, but the opinion is divided on the so-called "iPod tax". Japan already levies an extra fee for copyrights on gadgets sold in stores such as mini disk recorders that consumers can use for home copying of music.

The Japanese recording industry says that the sudden rise of the portable digital players is robbing it of revenue that used to come from the fees on digital recorders.
Solution – TAX it! It should be noted that the new charge dubbed the "iPod tax", although the money doesn't go to the government.

PS: after writing this note, I noticed that also the Dutch are looking at the same issue. I will keep you "tuned"!

See also May, April and March prizes for best performance by tax authorities.


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