Sunday, October 02, 2005


Talk Tax is a fast-paced international tax blog. It started as a private project (one person) and now it is looking to step up into the second phase of its development. Talk Tax is looking for bright, talented people who are great at what they do and enjoy being part and creating a tax knowledge-sharing group.

Talk Tax wants to establish itself as a source of resources, news, and information of interest to persons involved in International and European Tax. The objective is to create a platform on a niche market (cross-linking to developments, papers, articles, news, cases,books, etc) with a very personalized way of communication (one on one approach). Talk Tax wants to create a website-of-trust (

Top 10 Reasons to join the project of Talk Tax (According to who makes the Talk Tax culture and lives a Talk Tax life (i.e. me!)

1. You cannot complain about the salary – there is no salary!
2. The offices are great – they will be ready in 2010!
3. It’s great to work on new things – you always feel different!
4. We give a lot of flexibility when it comes to work hours - you chose your own!
5. There are zero politics and middle management—we’re just a bunch of people doing the same type of work!
6. You will be part of a successful team – that starts with you!
7. If you do not know, tax law is not all about giving advice – this opportunity gives you opportunities to learn and develop other skills.
8. It’s a bit like humanitarian work - you will be working towards a mission that you care about.
9. You will have fun.
10. And finally, it will look good on your CV (I hope!)

At this stage I would like to say, sorry, there are no openings anymore! But that’s not true. I am looking for partners to join this project!

Current Positions (unfortunately the CEO place is already taken!)

Senior Creative Data Analyst (Content Management Department)
You will be responsible for … being creative!

Website Developer and Web Designer (Design & Production department)
You will be responsible for … designing the future!

Senior Funny Journalist (Interviews and Fun Department)
You (funny guy) will be responsible for … something funny!

Requirements to apply for the job!
0+ years of experience in product management for a consumer focused web application, including experience with information architecture, web application usability, functionality, reliability, performance and supportability (I am joking);
Basically I only require excellent written skills in English and a bit of craziness to joint the project.

To apply - Choose the position and write in 3 lines why you are the right person for the project

P.S. – In case you did not found the text funny please do not apply, but do not forget to read often the website!


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