Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Recasting the Sixth VAT Directive

The European Commission has adopted a proposal on 15 April 2004, for a recast of the existing text of the EC Sixth VAT Directive. The proposal aims to provide a clear overview of the VAT legislation applicable in the European Union. The European Parliament is now analyzing this proposal. The recast is mainly intended to turn the VAT legislation into a coherent legal text and is not designed to substantively modify the existing legislation. Any advisor dealing with VAT welcomes the proposed consolidation of the Sixth Directive. If you look at the text, you will notice that the amended English language text is easier to read.
We will see if the EU will take the opportunity to do some minor arrangements in the text tacking into account, for example recent proposal such as the one dealing with VAT tax avoidance
Link to the full text of the proposal.


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