Friday, April 29, 2005

Index on European tax law research (draft version)

European tax law has immense research opportunities. As Professor Pistone said recently “European tax law is picking up” and therefore keeping up to date with this new promising tax area is a challenge even for the so-called EU specialist. This index is designed to be a short index on EC Tax Law information available through various websites of the European Union's institutions and specialized agencies in Europe and provide you a useful tool to navigate in the cyberspace in a time effective manner.

EU Legislation on Taxation (as of 1.9.2005)

Direct Taxation Directives

Indirect Taxation Directives

Company Law Directives

Treaty establishing the European Community

Other Treaties or basic legal texts of the European Union

Taxation and Customs Website

Commission Staff Working Paper - Company Taxation in the Internal Market - SEC(2001) 1681
An Internal Market without company tax obstacles: achievements, ongoing initiatives and remaining challenges - COM (2003) 726

Dividend taxation of individuals in the Internal Market - COM (2003) 810

Code of Conduct on Business Taxation (Primarolo report)

OECD Harmful Tax Practices report (1998) and the 2004 Progress Report

DG Competition website (in-charge for State Aid procedure)

Report on the application of the state aid rules to measures relating to direct business taxation (2004)

State Aid Register - Commission Decisions

Search form for Judgments, Opinions and orders of the European Court of Justice

Case-law by numerical access from (i) 1953 to 1988 and (ii) since 1989

Court Cases in the field of Direct Taxation (updated as September 2005)

Daily Official Journal of the European Union

ECOFIN - Economic and Financial Affairs

UK Presidency of the Council of the European Union Website (1 July to 30 December 2005)

Latest press releases from EU

EU Member States Links

Financial Times - Brussels briefing

Loyens & Loeff EU tax alert

Baker & McKenzie European Tax Newsletter

Deloitte World Tax Advisor

Reference Books (Recent publications)
§ Ben Terra & Peter Wattel, European Tax Law; 4rd edition 2004, Kluwer Law international
§ Paul Farmer and Richard Lyal, EC Tax Law, 2nd edition, Oxford, To be Published: April 2006
§ Carlo Pinto, Tax Competition and EU Law (Eucotax), Kluwer Law International, 2003
§ Pasquale Pistone, The Impact of Community Law on Tax Treaties: Issues and Solutions (Eucotax Series), (Eucotax), Kluwer Law International, 2002
§ Servaas van Thiel, Free Movement of Persons and Income Tax Law: The European Court in Search of Principles, IBFD Doctoral Series, 2002

Relevant Tax Journals
European Taxation & VAT Monitor (IBFD)
Intertax & EC Tax Review (Kluwer)
Tax Planning International European Union Focus (BNA)
EC Tax Journal (Key Haven Publications)
British Tax Review (Sweet & Maxwell)

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