Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Vacations ended - time to talk tax again

Yes! Hard to believe but vacations are over and it is time to start again talking tax.
So what is the agenda for September?
Full agenda my friends.
First on Wednesday 31 August 2005 (tommorow) I will report on the special Leaden Alumni lecture by Raffaele Russo on the Attribution of profit to permanent establishments, followed by the first alumni symposium organized by Pasquale Pistone on Selected Pending And Recent ECJ Cases: on Thursday 1 September 2005.
Later in the month we have the IFA congress on Argentina. I will be there and I plan to report on some of the interesting issues that will be discussed at the conference.
The IFA in Argentina is followed by the first international conference in Sao Paulo (Brazil) of a group of bright tax lawyers and professors that will also deal with several specific issues of international taxation (details will be provided later).
At the same time, the buzz starts at the ECJ and EU corridors on how to untangle some of the discriminatory provisions of some member states. Some interesting cases will be heard and decided in the month of September. As you can see several interesting events will be happening in the days to come so be tuned since I am back from vacation!