Wednesday, September 12, 2007

See you later...

Dear readers,
After some years writing this blog, I have to recognize that I feel accomplished because not only I enjoyed all the steps of linking my specific knowledge on the area of international and European tax law with the outside world but also I had lots of fun doing it!
Time has come to make a sabatical or extended leave of the blog to dedicate more time to the family and other professional projects.
In fact, I recently joined a major Spanish law firm in Lisbon (Garrigues) and my future plans, besides concentrating my energies in client work, include publishing more in major magazines. In that framework, I recently co-authored an article “Exploring the Boundaries of the Application of Article 10(5) of the OECD Model” with a Brazilian friend of mine, Eduardo Madeira and I have other works in the pipeline.
For me is hard to say bye bye, but ultimately I know that it is always a see you later. In any case if you wish to contact me send me do not hesitate to send a mail and I will do my best to answer promptly.


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