Monday, June 27, 2005

Pensions: Effects on national budgets of tax incentives for retirement savings

For the fanaticals of tax numbers, take into account that a special issue of the OECD economic studies series released on June 23 addresses tax-favoured retirement saving. The study (OECD Economic Studies 39, 2004/2) looks at the effects on national budgets of tax incentives for retirement savings, the size of the subsidies in different countries, whether the tax incentives do in fact encourage private saving, and what policy choices might be more effective than tax incentives.

The first comprehensive book of its kind, this comparison of key features of pension systems of OECD countries provides coverage of retirement ages, benefit accrual rates, ceilings, and indexation. Future pension entitlements are shown for full-career workers at different earnings levels. Indicators measure redistribution in pension systems, the cost of countries' pension promises, and potential resource transfer. Thirty country chapters explain pension systems and replacement rates in detail.
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