Friday, April 14, 2006


During Easter holiday, I decided to blog on something unrelated to tax that I recently read (and of course liked). It is about Leadership and it is in a shape of eleven commitments that form according to the author the foundations of an extraordinary life and of leadership. Michael C. Jensen, Professor of Harvard Business School, internationally noted expert in finance and founder of the SSRN, the Social Science Research Network addressed the students of University of Toronto in 2005 with this enlightening view on Leadership and how principles of living may be the right asset to bring you the best of fortune in your journey of life.

Just a last note mentioning that this paper (with 1600 downloads) is the best selling paper in the SSRN in the last 60 days. So much downloads can mean two things; or the author is authoritive in the field or there are large demand of guidance on the subject of leadership. I have a feeling that is both!

Happy Easter!


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