Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Asian Development Bank International Tax Conference

The Fifteenth International Tax Conference was held at the ADB Institute in Tokyo on October 17-20, 2005. The Conference dealt with several taxation issues, namely international tax developments (particularly concerning tax treaties) and value added tax.

From the material made available in the ADB website I would highlight the following presentations:

Treaty Shopping and Anti-Abuse Provisions by Aurobindo Ponniah (International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation - IBFD )

Taxation of Partnership and Tax Treaty Application and Paper by Bart Kosters (IBFD)

Application of Tax Treaties to Partnership-Case Study by Bart Kosters and Aurobindo Ponniah (IBFD)

Tax Treaty Developments and Tax Issues Relating to Cross-Border Outsourcing by David Partington (Organisation for Economic Co- operation and Development - OECD)

Extending the Dialogue on International Taxation by Shigeru Ariizumi (Center for Tax Policy and Administration)

Click here to access the program and remaining presentations (dealing with VAT and other issues)


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