Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A good line of defense for a tax case?

In a recent U.S. Tax Case, the defendant said the money (transferred to tax havens) was to do good deeds and not to avoid tax! Jailed and held without bond in the nation's largest alleged personal tax-evasion scheme, telecom investor Walter Anderson says the federal government has got it all wrong. He isn't a tax cheat, he said Wednesday night in a conference room at the D.C. jail. Sending millions of dollars to offshore havens -- which the government alleges he did to evade around $200 million in taxes -- was part of a legitimate and long-standing plan. He was going to use the money to change the world. To fight for arms control and human rights. To promote family planning and space exploration. He was going to give the money away, starting next year.

To bad he was caught! I have a feeling that this line of defense is a bit to late and mill not produce very successful results! But in the US you never know!


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